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What We Do

The ultimate goal of SMACNA - Western Washington, Inc., is to achieve and maintain the following principles and programs for the sheet metal industry principles and programs:

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1. To establish advertising, publicity and promotional activities that brings awareness to the public regarding the nature of, extent and availability of services performed by our member contractors.

2. To develop educational programs that adhere to the high quality standards set forth by the sheet metal construction industry.

3. To assist in the formulation of a uniform set of sheet metal specifications and to improve and maintain the state and municipal codes.

4. To expose fraudulent or misleading advertising or representations intended to deceive the public.

5. To encourage and promote trade practices that will eliminate unfair competition or exploitation of the sheet metal industry.

6. To encourage and promote the establishment of a uniform pattern of payments by customers during the progress of jobs to avoid inequitable payment delays and economic penalties.

7. To provide a forum for the discussion of the common interests and problems of labor and industry and to encourage and promote harmonious relations between labor and industry.

8. To encourage any proper activity which will increase the efficiency of the industry and its ability to serve the public.

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